A friend who is a fan of 3D (like myself) pointed this amazing short film out to me called Sintel and I thought I would share it as it is nothing short of brilliant.

The animated film Sintel was created and rendered in an open source software called Blender, a 3D building and rendering application. Sintel was made by the Blender Institute - part of the Blender Foundation. (Links etc found at the bottom of this post)

The plot follows the girl Sintel as she goes on a quest around the world to find a baby dragon she has adopted as a pet called "Scales" that gets snatched away from her by a fully grown dragon.

As the story progresses she travels across the world in her attempt to rescue Scales fighting off attacks from beasts and humans. She eventually finds an old Wiseman who points her in the direction of a cave holding a fully grown dragon and the baby dragon Scales.

That is as much as I can say without blowing the ending. It is a great film, thoughtful and clever with a brilliant ending (I had a tear in my eye).

Here it is if you want to give it a go (which I strongly recommend):

And here are the links:

The Official Sintel Site

The Official Blender Site


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