More Daleks!

Yes, more Daleks!

I can't help it, I've loved them ever since I was a kid and I put my mum's washing basket on my head and tried to exterminate everything and everyone! (I'm sure they were the early signs).

Any-who, here it is, one of my latest rendering - Dalek Ironside:

Dalek - Ironside by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

If you are a Doctor Who fan, you'll know where the idea for this image came from. If not and you are of a curious nature, it is based on the Daleks as they are appear in one of the more recent episode set in WWII called, “Victory of the Daleks.”

I'm quite happy with how this image turned out, in fact I really like it. As for the white background? I thought is was time to produce one or two images with simple backgrounds as I haven't done this for awhile and I think it gives it a nice contrast. If I do have one regret with the render, it is that I wish I'd thought to put a tray with some biscuits and a cup of tea in the Dalek's sucky-cup hand! Oh-well, maybe next time.


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