Greetings From Mars?

Attending and displaying my art at this years Sci-Fi and Fantasy Con at Bristol (BristolCon10) presented me with a dilemma, once I have chatted to someone, just how do I get them to spare me a thought the following day or even weeks later?

Okay, I am a charming and charismatic type of guy who is hard to forget, you may even buy some of my art and stick it on your wall, but what about everyone else other than my mum?

Business cards?
Sketch Cards?
A mug with my smiling face on it?

Then the tried and tested idea of a postcard struck me. It's tried and tested, so I know it has the potential to work, but also it's tried and tested, so not an original idea. This gave me a pause for thought, and then I thought what the hell, I will just have to do something a bit different with it.

And here it is:

I know what you thinking, the contact details are on the back, see, think of everything me. Not only that, done in such a way that you can also use it as a postcard and send it to your friends too!

If you want one, I am giving them away for free at the con.


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