The Companions Handbook

Alrighty, a few days later than promised, however I got there in the end. Here it is, the answer to that not so burning question, ‘just what is this book about?’

To help you out, here is the guff from the back of the book:

’One cold and rainy weekend in November 2008, BBC Wales opened the doors of their studios for a once in a lifetime opportunity for a chosen few to peek behind the scenes of three of their most popular television shows, Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

This book contains over a hundred and fifty pages full of photos and observations of the events of that day, capturing fantastic moments on and off set and giving a unique and unbridled look into these three worlds as never seen before.

See the TARDIS, the Torchwood Hub, Sarah Jane’s Attic, Daleks, Cybermen, sets, creatures, props, costumes, set designs, special effects and more in this Companions Handbook.’

In addition, just to finish off with, here is the final front and back covers and one of my favourite two page spreads from the interior:

If you are interested, the book will be available to read (for free!) as a digital copy from the 30th of October and I will be posting the link here on my blog on the day.


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