First off, I think this is the biggest gap between blog posts I’ve had since I started using one. My apologies, I’ve been uber busy of late as the follow will show.

Now enough of the guff and on with the sneaky-peek!

Well here they are the front and back covers for one of my two upcoming books:

Front Cover:

Front Cover DW Book by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Back Cover:

Back Cover DW Book by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

As I have said in some of my previous posts, I am working on two books at the moment, The Doorway and this surprise one called...

...Nope, you will have to wait for that, I’m pretty sure though that you can tell what it is about from the covers though. However, I will add it is most likely not what you think it is, intrigued? If you are, keep your eye on my blog over the next week or two and the cat will be let out of the bag so to speak (it is okay it has food and water). Not only that, I’ll be bringing you up to speed on all of my work, ongoing and future (my workload for the next twelve to eighteen months is already planned and underway).

Enjoy ;0)


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