Judge Anderson PSI

Three blog posts in a week?

I know, I’m staggered myself (More to come too).

Any-who, here is my latest rendering, entitled Judge Anderson.

Judge Anderson PSI by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Judge Anderson is a character from the 2000AD comic and much like the infamous Judge Dredd is a law enforcer for Mega City One; however, Judge Anderson is a little different to Judge Dredd. Anderson is a member of the PSI Division, which means she has physic and telepathic abilities that she uses to help solve crimes and battle creatures from parallel worlds.

I have always been a fan of Judge Anderson, and I have had this image kicking about my head for a few weeks now. It is great to finally get the opportunity to get it on paper (digital imaginary paper, but paper non-the-less). Even if I do say-so-myself, I think it has come out really well.


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