It's Bigger on the Inside!

A bit of a plug and an announcement all in one for this years BristolCon.

BristolCon is a one-day convention organized by the Bristol Fantasy & SF Society, and is taking place on November 6th at the Ramada Hotel, Bristol. There is going to be a whole host of guests from the world of Fantasy & SF. Here is a random short list of some names that I have pulled from the massive list available on the site:

Paul Cornell, Joe Abercrombie, Mike Tucker, Andy Bigwood, Alastair Reynolds, Colin Harvey, Simon Gurr, Craig lewis, Forbidden Planet, Genkigear, Wild Wolf Publishing... ...It is a long list! The full one can be found at the website HERE as well as any information you may need, like how to find it is always a handy one!

The all day event itself is a mix of writers, publishers, artists, dealers, etc... and is giving the fans the opportunity to meet them face to face. This is only its second year and it is already lining up to be a great day.

I'm going to be there too supporting the event as a fan and an exhibitor! That's right folks, you can meet me and get to see my work in the flesh so to speak. Here is a list off the exhibiting artists so far:

Andy Bigwood
Simon Gurr
Terry Cooper
Kirk Stacey
James Iles
Craig Lewis
Simon Breeze

(More information on the Art Show can be found HERE)

There I am along side a few big names (my mum will be proud).

Lots more updates on this event to come as we build towards the big day, including a look at an exclusive piece of art I'm currently working on (and to be sold at) for the day, called “The Chaos Engine.”


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