My new book, “The Companions Handbook” has a publish date:

Saturday the 30th of October.

Still a little under wraps for now, but I will be uploading some sample pages and spilling the beans about it over the next few weeks. Here is the link to the post with the cover art [link]. (You can probably guess what it is about from the cover and title).

As for my second book for this year, “The Doorway” despite the final draft being completed, reviewed and edited, it is still sitting on my Mac awaiting the final re-write and edit (and a cover, that will be down to me too).


Let me bring you up to speed.

Time has gotten away from me. The book was originally intended as a short graphic novel, yet after scripting the story and working on a few pages of art, I felt it could be more and deserved the space to become so. The graphic novel (as much as I love comics) wasn't able to offer that. Well, not unless I spent the next ten years pulling it all together! This lead me to make the hard decision of turning it into a novel, and I love it! It is a really fantastic read, even if I do say-so myself.

The Doorway was originally due to be published the very same day as The Companions Handbook, however workloads and other projects have delayed the work needed to bring the novel in for this deadline. Not to fear! It is only for a short period, once I have my current project wrapped up (BristolCon) things will kick into full steam ahead. This gives me the predicted publish date of December (nice and vague).

In between now and then keep a keen eye out for the cover appearing on my blog, I have plans for two, a main cover and an alternate (the alternate appearing on the hardback addition if all goes to plan). I will also be posting previews and just where you will be able to find a copy and (fingers crossed) some awesome reviews too.


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