Other Worlds

I am monster busy at the moment, hence very few tweets and this being a quick post. So where to start?

First things first, I’ve just updated my online art portfolio, and not only has it been updated, yet it has also had a facelift and is now called Other Worlds (I felt like it needed a title):

Myebook - Other Worlds - click here to open my ebook

As you will be able to see, I’ve gone for a steampunk styled, beat-up old scrap book look with the face lift. It felt like it was time for a change, and I doubt it will be the last. It is worth a look simply as it contains not just art found in my Deviant Art gallery and Blog, but also some art exclusively published to just this book. I have also added in a few comments and some close-ups of the images, some sketches and tips as well just to keep things interesting.

I guess my current image is next while we are on the subject of my art, in my last post I eluded to a WH40K Terminator or Dreadnaught, I’m still working on sketches and plans at the moment, however it is looking now more likely to be a Space Marine from the Dark Angel chapter, but who knows, even this might change. It is such a rich universe it makes it difficult to decide and not get caught up in the, ‘Oo, that would be cool image.’ As you imagine the million and one pictures you could create.

Finally, my writing, I’ve just recently finished The Doorway and there have been a few changes since I last blogged about this book; however it is now only an edit, a tweak and a cover away from being published. This means that you can expect to see it available to read and buy sometime towards the end of September. More news on this coming soon, so watch this space.

And talking of writing, any of those paying attention a while ago may remember I mentioned a ‘top secret’ project I was working on. Well, if all goes to plan; expect to see a second book published before the end of September too, more to be revealed on this one soon as well.


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