Dark Angel

As promised, I managed to squeeze in some Warhammer 40,000 art into my busy and hectic schedule this last week. Not the Dreadnaught or Terminator, nope as I thought, just a humble Space Marine from the Dark Angel chapter.

WH40K Dark Angel Space Marine by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

I am having a bit of a WH40k thing at the moment; I think too many books recently from the Black Library, far too much WH40k Radio and way not enough Dawn of War. I think something else that inspired me was that this is very different (yet still very much at the same time) rendering for me. By that I guess I mean that the WH40k universe is chunky, gothic and brutal, where as normally in my art I will go for something a little more… Well, less chunky, gothic and brutal!?

So what about the picture? It is of an old Mk6 Space Marine, with I might add the power studded shoulder pad, from the Dark Angel chapter. The chapter was a late choice, at first I was going for the Ultramarines, however I’m reading Angels of Darkness at the moment, so I drifted towards the Dark Angels instead.

Out of interest, the name plate on his shoulder pad has no name on it, this isn’t because I forgot, that is a simple fix in Photoshop. It is because that originally I was going to place my signature into the image on that plate, it looked a bit cheesy when it was done, and so I moved it to the skull wedged beneath his left foot. (I have a habit of hiding my signature in my work, it is a bit like where’s Wally), and that made me keep it blank just so I could tell this story.

As for my next piece of art, I’m torn between a Star Wars image and another WH40K, I am also toying with another X-Men, maybe Kitty in her Ultimate clobber. Not too sure yet, and besides I’m currently snowed under trying to finish two books at the same time to get them published by the end of September. So I guess who knows? It may be none of the above and the cover for my Doorway story, only time will tell.


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