X-Men - Ultimate Beast

Amongst the million and one other things that flitter away my time on this little spinny blue and green sphere we all live on, I managed to find some of it to work on some art this weekend past. For those that keep up with me on my Twitter feed you may have recently noticed a post about issues #40-#45 of Ultimate X-Men, which is what lies behind the inspiration of this image of Beast.

X-Men - Ultimate Beast by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART


Henry McCoy, also known as, ‘Hank’ or ‘Beast’ has always been a character from the X-Men universe I have really liked and found interesting, from comics, to films to the cartoons. So it came as a real surprise when they killed his character in the Ultimate X-Men comic series. It was a very sad and lonely death that the creative team behind the story arc built up to nicely; it left you with more of a lump in your throat and a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach than a tear in your eye.

Any-who, to the art!

I loved the look of Beast in the Ultimate line of comics, which is also one of the other reasons I opted to render Beast in this style. I’ve posed him with a laptop computer using an online chat room to talk to, ‘Mutantchick’ a ‘girl’ who is a supposed fan of not only the X-Men, but also of Hank in particular. The story is far too long to go into here; however, needless to say it is one of my favourite stories within a story from the series so far, it really showed a side to the character of Beast you don’t always get to see, hence my reference to it here in my rendering.

Over all I’m pretty happy with this piece, I managed to squeeze a lot of detail into a simple image without going over the top. And if you are a fan of the Ultimate X-Men comics and are wondering where his huge yellow knee pads are, well I thought the costume looked better without them, call it artistic licence.


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