The Metaltron

I had an odd coincident today; this picture is part of it. It is a rendering I did of a Dalek a year or two ago now, and I planed to re-do for my new Deviant Art gallery (Which is something I am currently working on, going over old images and touching them up or doing them again from scratch). However, upon re-viewing I decided that it is absolutely fine as it is, and so I left it alone.

Metaltron by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

The image is based on a 9th Doctor episode called, ‘Dalek’. And to be honest it is one of my all time favourite episodes, makes me blub every time. The episode is set in the year 2012 in a highly secret museum that lies half a mile beneath the desert of Utah, U.S.A. It contains the priceless collection of alien exhibits that are privately owned by the American billionaire Henry Van Statten.

In a secure room within the compound is the one living exhibit in his collection, the last surviving Dalek from the Great Time War. Van Statten has no idea of the power of exhibit or even what it is, he calls it a Metaltron, and it has laid silent for years. That is until the unexpected arrival of an odd gentleman and his young lady companion in a large blue box.

Brilliant episode, totally awesome. I love the name Metaltron, it is almost as good as the name given to the Daleks in the more recent episode, ‘Churchill and the Daleks’ of Ironsides. Any-who, the odd coincident? Well, not only did I miss the opportunity to pop down the road and watch the filming of Doctor Who at Stonehenge recently. I have also missed the opportunity to watch the Doctor at the Glastonbury Festival too! Yep for those in the dark like me until this morning, the 11th Doctor was on stage with Orbital performing their song ‘Doctor’, and I missed it.

Not to worry though, I managed to watch it on the BBC iPlayer this evening, it is almost the same as being there, just a few thousand less people and ever so slightly more hygienic having not spent the last five days living in a tent in blistering heat with no showers, all part of the fun I guess.


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