A Portrait of the Law

At last, some art!

Don’t all jump out of your seats at once in rapturous applause. It has been awhile since I did anything, however I am up to my eyeballs in writing at the moment. By-the-by, I did manage to squeeze this one in though, an image of old stony face himself – Judge Dredd.

A Portrait of the Law by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Yes, alright it’s his chin, and this is one of my geekier moments, if you are a fan of 2000AD or Judge Dredd, you should see this and (he says fingers crossed) have one of those moments that will at least leave you with a grin.

I’ve wanted to do a Judge Dredd for ages, and then when it came to crunch time, I didn’t quite know what to draw, I just had so many ideas bouncing around. I settled for a portrait, something simple, finished it and ended up grumbling about a million and one things I don’t like about it. Having an interest in photography, I started to think about it as a photograph and started to crop and re-centre it and have a general mess around.

Here is the original image:

Why did I focus on the chin then? Not the eyes or something else more obvious? Dredd’s trademark is his dug (that’s chin to you), and mostly through a slip of the mouse during cropping, I ended up with this image. Who says you can’t have happy impulsive accidents in digital art that inspire a change as you could in the real world?


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