On the Move

Another mad week zooms on by!

No art this week, I've been cutting back to focus on my writing, which I have got a load done, Children of Hades is flying along and I'm really enjoying writing about zombies in ancient Greece.

Talking of art, something else that has been eating my time up is moving my Deviant Art account and gallery. Something of an annoyance, yet also a bit of a blessing is that you can't just change the name that your gallery appears under on Deviant Art, you have to set up a whole new account from scratch. This has meant that I've lost a lot of time this week, but I do get to start with a brand new sparkly Deviant Art gallery and account, which can be found here. This has brought all of my online identities inline now all under my name instead of lots of different ones.

My odd encounter of the week has to be meeting the Hulk at the Royal Bath and West show with my family this weekend.

If you have never been or know about the Royal Bath and West show, it is great day out and a huge event in the West Country and its main focus is agriculture, so you are more likely to see a cow and a tractor than a Marvel comic hero! What adds to the strangeness is that the Hulk was being used to promote Wookey Hole caves, go figure?


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