Fathers Day & Music Festivals

Just a quick update today in between re-viewing some comics for Escape From Tomorrow in the sunshine of my garden, whilst I watch my son playing in his sand pit and kicking a ball around with more skill than I witnessed in the England game in the World Cup on Friday.

Well as the title of this post gives away, it's Fathers Day, and today is my third one and I find myself blown away by just how fast they are coming and going, just like the little guy's birthdays, blink and you miss them!

This year I've scored well on the Father's Day gifts: a giant chocolate medal, a hand made card by Ben at his play group, a card which has to be my favorite so far for Father's Day depicting me and my son together on the front and an awesome Torchwood novel, I can never have to much to read. The only comment I would have to add is that as much as I enjoy Father's Day, I wish it would take a bit more time getting here each year.

To finish on, I've also mentioned music festivals in the title of the post, and this is really to say that I won't be posting too much for the next week and a bit while I dodge between home and the Glastonbury Festival that conveniently takes place just down the road from my home. So I'm expecting to see some great events, go temporally deaf listening to some awesome music, wade through waist high mud to return home at the end of it all with an empty wallet, sun burnt, hungover, worn out with a big grin on my face and loads of great memories to cherish.

Time to get back to reading comics in the sunshine of my garden and being opinionated about them, it's a hard life at times.


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