Back to Reality With A Bump…

The sun sets on another Glastonbury Festival, and what a festival it was this year. Yes I’m back from the great unwashed masses, and if you have been following my Tweets or Facebook you may have already noticed a stirring of activity the last day or so, which meant it was time for another post on my blog.

The festival this year was by far the best one yet, fantastic line-up of music on all the stages and the events surrounding the site were everything from amazing to dazzling to downright un-nerving. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was brilliant and I was surrounded by family and great friends all week.

My highlights musically?

Well everyone was incredible, no really, everyone, well except one but we all know who that was and I think it would be unfair to name them as normally the Gorillaz are awesome, it must have been stage nerves or something. Oops, I went and said it didn’t I! Oh well, moving on, I think the surprise for me was just how much I liked Dizzy Rascal, not knocking the guy, he’s just not my cup of tea to be typically English about it. However I couldn’t help but be blown away by his performance, he really shone on that main stage, and when he was joined by Florence from Florence and the Machine, blew me away with several thousands of others.

The downside?

The downside is that now it is back to work….

…Okay that is not as bad as it sounds, The Doorway is clipping along at a breakneck pace, and fingers crossed should be finished and published within the next four to eight weeks, I’m being vague as I know from experience that something is bound to pop-up un expected and throw a spanner in the works delaying it. As for my art? Well I’m hoping in between everything else to get at least one painting done this month, not sure what yet, I will see how I feel at the time.

And finally for those of a curious (nosy) nature, you can find the photos and videos of my time at the festival here at my Facebook page, feel free to have a peruse. (You will need to be a member of Facebook to see these I do believe).


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