Room 101...

As promised, here is one of the completed panels from page 3 of The Doorway, my ongoing comic.

I love this panel, I think it is my favorite one so far. I really enjoyed creating the chaotic mess of wires and weird science stuff that litter the room, for the keen eyed there are several Star Wars references dotted about the room, just because I can.

Another reason I like this panel is it is a change of scene from the 'Hogworts' looking university that the previous panels have been set in, a real contrast too, it has been real fun to cobble the whole room together, and you'll get to see more of it over the next page or two.

If your curious, the basic room was built in 3D, this way I get consistency from panel to panel and I can put some ace angles in there too to view it from. The rest is all painted in using Photoshop as usual. It's odd really, as normally I would paint the whole thing from scratch, however I felt in this case I would be spending the next month painting just the next few pages!


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