The Morning After the Night Before... Bristol Comic Con 2010

The dust has settled for another year on the Bristol Comic Con, and what a year!

Don't panic this is not a review, that is the last thing you will see see on this blog. If you are looking for a review, you can find one here at the Escape from Tomorrow site. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it a really great experience, I'm still feeling the fatigue today!

I met some great guys and some heroes of mine and got a hold of some fantastic comics and art to boot, so all in all brilliant! I even discovered how Spider-Man takes a pee when he is in his costume, in person, best not to ask but I assure you the mental scars will take a long time to heal!

Bristol Comic Con has been through some changes these last few years, downsized, relocated and changes of format, yet to my mind I think this has been one of the best ones I've been too, it feels like it has finally found it's feet and is about to hit it's stride. I can't wait until and I'm already counting down to next years.


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