Sunny Sundays


What amazing weather we had today! (Despite a sky full of volcano dust?)
Something really special happened today, my son Ben started playing with his Star Wars figures in his sandpit. I know, I know, doesn’t sound that special, but it was, to me anyway, a sad old fart and a huge fan of ‘The Wars’, it was a top ten proud father moment.

It really took me back to when I was a kid and would grab my Star Wars figures on a nice sunny day and play in the garden or a friend’s sandpit, sandpits were much rarer back then so it was only the rich kids who had ‘um, so I was never getting one. It was really great to see him playing Lightsaber battles in the dust wastelands of Tatooine, R2 D2 and C3-P0 wandering the desert dunes hiding from the Empire…

…Who am I kidding; he’s barely two years old!

Okay, he was having fun, he loves the Clone Wars, he just about can sit through JEDI if I fast forward the Rancor pit monster scene, and yes I think he loves the Ewoks, he definitely loves R2 D2, but who doesn’t? In my head he was there on a world far away, in a distant time, fighting the bad guys. Although saying that he does seem to use his Darth Vader figure to ‘stomp’ all the other figures into the sand, I must admit, I do look at him sometimes and see Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.

We also invented a new game today, I would sketch a Star Wars character, and Ben would run to his sandpit and find the one I had drawn (he’s not big on the speaking yet).

Here is a page from my sketch book from today:

Much to my excitement, he got everyone right! I was so pleased, not only can he recognise and associate the characters by name, but also from my sketchy drawings! The great thing was he instigated it. The game started when I thought I’d sketch him an Ahsoka Tano, he’s a big fan of her character, next thing I know he has the figure in his hand and is smiling at me and pointing at my sketch of her. Next it was Yoda, then R2, Captain Rex and we just kept going until he got bored waiting for me to finish the drawings.

All in all, an awesome day.


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