I Am The Law!

Sorry for not blogging to those that follow and may wonder what I'm up to. To much work and so little time. Which is good news really, expect a flood of art and blogs over the coming weeks (and a comic, but keep that one under your hats for now ;0) ).

To the point!

This post is about the second of the two main characters for the one-shot, 'The Doorway'.

This is Karen Portman, as you can tell she is a Police Officer. In the original story of Between the darkness and the Light, Karen was a Police Officer that chased the character of David into the fantasy realm where the main story was based. In an early re-write I moved the characters away from current time and moved them back to the 17th century and changed their stories about a bit to mix things up.

As explained before, I took the two main stories that made up Between the Darkness and the Light and made two shorter stories with the material. I guess this is a long way of saying it gave me the opportunity to take the two characters back to their origins.

I'm not going to lie, in the original art Karen had trousers on, however I managed to see some previews of the new Doctor Who a few months back and loved the idea of putting her in a really impractical short skirt. So that is how she now appears.

Something else that I stretched the reality of an English Police Officer with was the gun. I guess it depends which part of the world you live in, so you may or may not be aware of the follow fact, but Police Officers over here don't carry sidearms. Dilemma was that I somehow needed to get a gun into the hands of one of these characters, so another fudge of reality was needed, so along with the short skirt, she now carries a gun.

That's it really, can't say to much more without giving plot away, other than I really enjoyed writing Karen's character, she is not what you expect, that's for sure!


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