The Big 20,000!

Well, it is official, my sort story Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever has now been read 20,043 times since 06 Sep, 2009!

Who’d of thought it, something that started as an experiment in self publishing on the internet would generate so much interest, over two and a half thousand people have read it each month on average since it was published; well you could knock me down with a feather.

Here is the blurb from the back of the book:

Thrilling Adventures in Time and Space! The TARDIS takes the Doctor and his assistant Donna Noble on a brand new and exciting adventure to the edge of forever! Join them as they escape from Queen Elizabeth the First’s wedding only to be plunged into the fun and danger of the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey world of the Time Vortex, where all is not what it seems in this unofficial Doctor Who fan fiction.

And for anyone who has not had a chance to read it yet, here is a link to the free ebook version:

Myebook - Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever - click here to open my ebook

Wow, here is hoping my current adventures in self publishing go as well, I can only hope (fingers crossed while I type this - not as easy as it sounds).

Just to end on, an odd fact about this book, I actually own the only two officially published ‘hard’ copies of the final version. I figured if I should ever get rich and famous they may be worth something one day, probably not though, but they are nice to look at and you can’t beat seeing your work actually in print!


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