Another Step Closer

Done, in the BAG!

The final script is now done and edited for The Doorway.

I must admit, I wobbled on the last few pages. It would have been very easy to have changed the end and leave it open for another chapter, in fact it would have been easy to have made it very open ended. However, I have so many other stories I want to write and illustrate that I had to leave it as it was.

Concepts are finished too, now I have to get the page layouts planned and then get drawing.

I have thirty-five pages to draw, colour and letter. I am hoping to get it all done and available by the end of August (fingers crossed), this includes a painted cover too. Whilst I’m working on this I’ll be taking breaks to work on my illustrated stories, High Noon on Astreus, Children of Hades and The Amazing Adventures of the Sky Rangers. As usual just ot keep the work load up I’ll be firing out the odd drawing or painting too just to keep me sane!

Anyway, on with the layout plans for the Doorway and the huge amount of writing and art!


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