Out of this World!

That's the final script for The Doorway in the bag! Except for a few minor tweaks whilst I put the page layouts together, but this shouldn't more more than an odd word here and there.

The Doorway is a short story that started life as a thread in a larger one called Between the darkness and the Light. I abandoned the Larger story in favor of breaking it down into two smaller stories as it felt like they were conflicting against each other and dragging the over all idea down with them. The Doorway is the first of these two stories and by far the most fun to write so far.

My Plans for The Doorway are to publish it as a 'One Shot' full colour comic available to view for free as a digital comic and to buy as a printed version too. However I plan to add a few 'extras' to the printed version for those willing to splash out a few pennies to purchase it, most likely a few pages of pin-up art, some side-by-side art, script, page layout comparisons and I may even throw in the original ending too as I changed it. Both endings are good and twist the story in two different directions, I just felt from my opinion that the one I have gone with left me feeling happier on reading it as a script, however I would love to illustrate the original ending just to see it on paper, if i do, I will pop it in the 'to buy' book as an extra for sure.

I do have a little concept art to put together, I will be posting this as it gets done, then it is on with the page layouts and finally painting the pages, which again, I will post some samples of as they get done too.

Before I disappear off to watch tonight's episode of LOST and True Blood I will leave you with the story summary as it is currently going to appear on the back cover:

'Disgruntled scientist David Gallagher got more than he bargained for when he confronted his boss, he lost his job, he got arrested by the police and to finish his day off, got stranded on a beautiful and savage alien world with the girl who just arrested him.

The alien paradise soon turns out to be a nightmare for the stranded David and Karen, as they fight for their very lives against unbelievable monsters and vicious plant life, all wanting to make them their lunch.

Can they survive long enough to find the way home? Or will they fall afoul of the beautiful, yet hostile alien world? More to the point, will David find another pack of smokes before he finishes his last one, and will he ever convince Karen to stop shooting everything!'


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