Doorway Sneaky Peeks!

Two things to cover in this post, first up is that I have updated my online portfolio, here is the LINK . (The menu link on the left of my blog has also been updated too).


I just felt it was time to try something new and a little different.

Number two, and the main reason behind this post, the first sneaky peek at the one shot comic I am currently working on called, The Doorway.

This is one of the main characters, David Gallagher and is the first of a few character sheets that I will be posting.

A character sheet is simply a visual guide for the artist (me in this case) to try out some looks for the character and have a definitive ‘this is how they look’ for consistency throughout the artwork of the comic. I only need to put a few character sheets together for this story, as there are only one or two main characters, I’ll wing the rest as I produce the art.

David is a Scottish Scientist who creates a doorway through time and space by mistake, sucking him and another character Karen (Next post) into it. David is visually and as a character based upon David Tennant and Robert Carlyle. Admittedly as I have ‘characterised’ the look in the art, it is not maybe that clear, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Interestingly, David was a girl in the first draft and Karen was a guy, I just swapped the roles in the second draft as it worked with the story much better.


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