And the Winner is...

... me!

My skillful (Sorry, I boast) rendering of Marvel Comics Black Cat (found HERE) has just landed first place in an art contest over at Deviant Art!

At long last I can eat that Babe Ruth chocolate bar!

It is a long story, to sum up, I was given a load of yummy Babe Ruth chocolate bars by my sister, ate them all but one promising myself that I would eat it when I reach my next artistic milestone. That time is now, although I think the chocolate bar might have seen better days, I've lost track of how many months it has been sat in a draw at my desk.

I have digressed, this is a massive achievement for me, as I'm never to sure if my work is any good most of the time. So winning an art competition has boosted my confidence loads, just when it needs it too as I'm preparing to start waving my work under the noses of some very heavy hitting peoples in the industry, and they show little mercy when it comes to critique!


  1. Congratulations Simon, it's a great piece of work, enjoy the chocolate bar!

  2. Thank you, and I will do, as soon as I can find where I put it!


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