Ultimate Black Cat

This is an image of the Marvel character, Black Cat as seen in the Ultimate comic title. I didn’t plan to do this image for a little while yet as I'm still very busy writing; however I wanted to do something new to enter into a contest being held by a member of Deviant Art.

Ultimate Black Cat by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

If this was a few years ago this painting would have been of Cat Woman and not Black Cat, this would have been purely because I would have always considered myself a bigger fan of DC comics than Marvel. However as time has gone by I find myself drawn more towards the Superhero world of Marvel over DC. I think it just comes down to this; Marvel is more accessible to me as a fan. My top three superheroes will always be Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, and in that order, the top two being DC characters.

So why is Marvel more accessible? I believe it is because DC have their top two or three at best ‘A-List’ heroes, many fall into the ‘B-List’. Whereas Marvel has a large ‘A-List’ of heroes, and for the most part they are used very well. Maybe I have been reading DC for too long as I’m finding it harder to find new Batman and Superman that really engages me, and I currently hold little care as to their other characters. Maybe I’m just an old fart who has read to many comics full stop?

I’ve digressed, so I went for Black Cat, I think mostly due to just having re-read the story arc within Ultimate Spider-Man where she appears. It is such a great story, and I genuinely believe some of my favourite Spider-Man stories are from the earlier issues of his Ultimate title. Besides, I think I’ve always found Black Cat a little sexier than Cat Woman. Okay a little? Alright much more sexy she strikes me as having a naughty streak too that Cat Woman can only aspire to ;0)


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