Star Wars Disaster!

I was about to say, ‘You won’t believe what happen today!?’ Apart from I have just noticed the time and it is now tomorrow. Anyway, I digress.

’You won’t believe what happened to me yesterday!?’

A total disaster, my son is turning into a huge Star Wars fan, it is difficult not to in my house, which is not the disaster. The calamity (got bored of typing the word disaster), is that there we were father and son bonding, playing with his Star Wars toys for little kids called, ‘Galactic Heroes’, he is being Han Solo and the Droids and I’m chasing him with Boba Fett, I twist the arm up to zap him and the flipping thing falls off in my hand!

Sorry about the poor picture quality, I took it on my mobile, we’re having issues.

You should have seen Ben’s face; you should have seen mine too! Thing is, Boba Fett, next to the two Droids is his favourite character, and I go and snap the blasted arm off. Loads of mad panicking, I grab the Mac, go online, browse to eBay, find one for £5 (not bad) sorted.

Then I remember that his Yoda figure is missing, presumed eaten by the cat or sucked up by the Hoover, (alas the fate of many of mine when I was a kid, either that or the dog). While I’m at it, I find a Yoda too, his mostest favourite one after the two Droids and Boba Fett. There goes another £5.

‘While I’m at it I will have a look at this guys store, it seems really cool’. I thought. £30 later Ben now has a new Yoda, Boba Fett, Captain Rex, Asoka, Anakin and a STAP in the post. Daddy is now financially poorer, however morally in credit.

And Ben?

The whole time I’m panicking that he is going to act like the world has ended he is running around the house with a one-armed Boba Fett making rocket sounds, and every time he fires a rocket from his rocketpack, a small green and yellow rubber arm flies across the room! Yes Boba Fett’s severed arm has now become a projectile missile for my two year old!

The joys of parenthood.


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