A Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday afternoon, I've eaten way to much of Jo's awesome Sunday Lunch and I'm sat on the sofa wondering when our son Ben will drop off to sleep as he watches Shrek 2. Perfect time to post on my blog I thought.

Got loads of writing done this week, in fact got a huge amount done. I wont go as far as to say I'm ahead of my schedule for the deadlines, however I'm at least back on track. More to do later today so I don't get off track again, it's a knife edge at times I tell you.

I am hoping to post some snippets of one or two of the scripts and maybe some bits from the summary or synopsis from the current writing I am working on in the next week or so. My plan being in the future to post a script sample along with thumbnail art and final page for some 'how it goes together' insight of how I work. I always find these things interesting, so I guessed someone else might too.

That's it for this post, time to go grind out a few thousand more words on the PC and see if Ben and Jo have past out together as things seem to have gone a little bit quite from the bedroom....


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