I’m LOST Right Now!

It is Friday evening, I’m now about halfway through a mammoth amount of writing and I feel like I have scripts and synopsis pouring out of my ears. So I’m taking a break, right now (If you are reading this when I post it) I’m watching LOST and trying not to get a nose bleed trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the two parallel worlds story line. It better pay-off in the end and big, otherwise I’m just going to have to sulk about it. I would normally just say I’m not going to watch it anymore, but I’m in the final series trap of coming this far, so what the hell?

Writing, as I have eluded to, I’ve got loads done this week, yes you too can have red bleary eyes by sitting at a computer typing for ten to twelve hours a day. The red eyed pay-off is that things are going well with the writing; it won’t be much longer before I can start on the art to accompany it, which I am really-really looking forward too. This isn’t because I enjoy creating art anymore than writing, I just love telling stories be it in art or writing, ask my mum, she still to this day doesn’t know truth about what happened to the ceiling light in her living room all those years ago. I digress, I’m looking forward to the art because, and not just because it created them, however, the stories are great and full of some awesome characters, self gratification over.

On the topic of art, and just before I disappear to the sofa for LOST, one of my missions this year is to land a comic or book cover, to do so means I have to update my portfolio to include the characters for the publishers I want to work for, there is no use in showing up at 2000AD with a bunch of Superman drawings, oddly they want to see Dredd. This was a mission, I must admit, I started last year. However I didn’t feel my art was where it needed to be, I feel mush happier with it now so the game in back on. So I’m taking a break for one week each month from my writing and associated art to create one or two comic characters to update my portfolio. Next week is that week, I have the two images planned, but as I’m changeable bugger I may change my mind as to whom at the last minute, so I won’t say who just yet. Needless to say, If all goes to plan, some very cool art will be appearing on my blog and Deviant Art pages over the next week or two.

Right, off to the island to watch Evangeline Lilly run about looking all sweaty in glorious high definition.


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