Then There Were Two....

A post about my writing, that hasn’t happen for a while, and not because I’ve be neglecting my writing either. In fact I’ve been writing my bum off!

So where to begin?


Let’s start with something I already have published, Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever, found here, it has at the time of typing this post been read 10,131 times! It is a short story I self published in September 2009, a meagre five months ago. With no real advertising or plugging of the short story it has managed to grab the attention of over ten-thousand readers, who were just casually browsing through some ebooks. So I’m well stoked, and I would like to say a big thank you so far to all that have read it, I appreciate every single one of you for spending the time.

My next story was (uh-oh, past tenths!) Between the Darkness and the Light (a working title) and I had spent a few good months writing the final synopsis and draft and working on the concepts for the illustrations to go along with the story. I then paused for the holidays to take a step back and re-assess where I was and where I was going with the whole idea. This is the results of that breather.

Between the Darkness and the Light is now no longer one story, but two completely separate stories, having absolutely zilch to do with each other. I make that point of them being two different stories so as not to mislead anyone in to thinking they may represent a part one and two of a story arc, in fact I don’t think you could get two stories further apart if you tried.

So why have I done this? Throughout the writing of Between the Darkness and the Light it has centred on two very strong story lines, this lead to them both fighting for air so to speak. Picture two drowning people fighting over a single life preserver, one pushes the other under whilst gasping for air, and vice versa, until one drowns. In my opinion as the creator of these stories, neither is weaker than the other, leaving me with to drowning stories, no one managing to hold on to the life preserver as it drifts away over the horizon. However, throw another life preserver into the mix, and hay, both will survive! That is quite simply what I did. I have taken the essence of the two stories, separated them and all of their characters, and never shall the twain meet, Job done.

The first story is the shorter of the two and is called The Doorway (that’s not a working title either, that is the real-deal). Currently I am in the position of just having finished what I would class as my penultimate draft of the story. This simply means that within the next few months, if all goes to plan, I will be publishing this book by the end of this time frame. This is going to be a book as well, not just a short story like The Edge of Forever, however like The Edge of Forever it will be fully illustrated. Over this time I will be posting some of the illustrations here and at my Deviant Art gallery too, and I will also be posting the odd page or two as a preview as well. Talking of previews, here is the tag line synopsis for the book:

A science experiment goes wrong trapping two of the most unlikely people on a strange and distant alien world, where everything seems to be doing its best to eat or just simply kill them. Can the mismatched pair overcome their differences and the inhospitable planet to find their way home before it’s too late?

See, you’re interested aren’t you?

The second story, again to be published as a fully illustrated book, is much longer than The Doorway, and is called, High Noon on Astreus. This story is the main meat and potatoes that made up Between the Darkness and the Light and is currently at the stage of a first draft. I would expect to start to see more on this story once The Doorway is in the bag, mostly as I don’t want to get distracted by working on two books and a bunch of art at the same time. That’s where I am at the moment with my writing, and I will be posting a lot more about it over the coming months. I think I have rambled enough for now, so I will stop.


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