Stick Something Cool on Your Wall

Just a short, yet important post today. I am now as promised starting to sell my art, and who knows, one day I may even make it a full time job? However, for now if you feel like investing some spare cash in a great piece of Sci-Fi & Fantasy art by yours truly here is the link to the ebay page: Click Here

It is of my most recent image, Alien Huntress, blogged about right Here just a few days ago, I have also rummaged through my art and found one or two others to sell and will be looking to do the same with future artwork. So if this one isn’t to your tastes, then not to worry there will be more for sale over the coming months, and If you so desire you can always commission one too of anything you like, just drop me an email. Well I say anything you like just keep in mind I’m a Sci-Fi & Fantasy artist, here is my email:


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