Sole Survivor

Here is my second painting of the year, created in Photoshop and oddly as the post title gives away it is called Sole Survivor.

Sole Survivor by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

Lots and lots of inspiration from many different things behind this one and for the keen eyed of you there is stuff from 2001, Alien, Star Wars, to name a few…

It all started when I recently watched Avatar (A great film, go see it if you haven’t already and make sure it is in 3D!) and I saw Sigourney Weaver, she looks ace in blue by the way too. I’ve always had a thing for Sigourney, ever since Alien. Not only is she a brilliant actress, a smart woman, a great in Sci-Fi action heroine, she is also really tall and very hot.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to spot the main Sci-Fi influence behind this image that gave me my starting point; the rest as they say is history. Over the next few days I’ll be popping up a few more posts on this image about what inspired it and how I painted it in Photoshop and all the oddities I’ve included for the sharp eyed nerds like myself, such as the hidden Star Wars reference and all the other ones.


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