A Life Time Ambition Achieved

This is just a quick post today just to say my self imposed 'exile' from the internet during the holiday period is over and I will be back blogging, tweeting and all that jazz as usual.

I've managed to get a lot of things done over the last few weeks, some art, writing, catching up on reading & movies, time with friends and family and also achieving a life time ambition.

It is only a very small ambition, yet in my mind a milestone worthy of noting, to some it my just seem a trivial thing, yet this week, thanks to huge amounts of snow, time off of work and having Ben as an excuse (see how I needed several things to coincide to realise this dream) I have managed to make an R2-D2 snowman.

Okay, I admit, it was not that high on my lifetime achievements, but still one done is one less to do. Having said that, if it snows enough this weekend I think I might try the next one on the list, a Jabba the Hutt snowman ;0)


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