How to Make an Alien Huntress Part Two

In my last post I covered the inspiration for everything in my Alien Huntress painting other than the Huntress herself, which I will endeavour to do in this one.

The pose is where I started her with, and between you and me it is where I start all of my character images, mainly because the pose tells the viewer so much about what is going on in the scene. In my mind every picture needs to tell a story, they always make the better Sci-Fi and Fantasy art. I wanted her to be sexy, that goes almost without saying, aggressive, nasty and looks as if she could have killed the alien monster too. Her expression was my next concern. You would be surprised just how much thought went into her face and expression, from the snarl of her hard clamped together teeth to the little sassy upturn of her upper lip.

The next problem was how to dress her? The obvious would have been to put her in a little leather thong and bra-type top, and I wasn’t going to do that. So instead I gave her a tiny leather skirt, which gave the image a bit of motion, and a strappy-tube type top. Then it was just a matter of adding some hunting trophies, hunters like their trophies, it is a big part of their sport. I did think at first of hanging a large alien creature type skull somewhere on her, either as a hat, shoulder pad or simply hanging from her hip. I rejected this idea as I wanted to keep her athletic, as if she defeated the monster by dodging around and taking skilled, quick stabs at it, and having a big heavy skull dangling off of you just doesn’t work to this ends.

This lead me to coming up with smaller trophies, like teeth, lots and lots of them. The one hanging on her left leg is actually based on one that my sister brought me back from the USA on a holiday she had a few years back of a fossilised sharks tooth.

Next was the hair, which has proved a little controversial over at my Deviant Art gallery. I simply went for dreadlocks as in my head she had always had dreadlocks, I like them too asthey add to that ‘savage’ look. The other bonus is they add a little more motion to the image along with the flapping skirt. To finish her off she need to look like to kill the monster was a bit of work for her, ducking and diving and stabbing away with her spear. This meant sweat, and lots of it! On a painty point, it is harder to render than it looks.

That is that, image in the bag. The next image is another Sci-Fi one, I’ve already finished it and will be posting it to my gallery very soon and here on my blog. It is called Sole Survivor and with this one I will not only be looking at the inspiration behind it but also how I painted it in Photoshop. Here is a sneak peek:


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