How to Make an Alien Huntress Part One

Almost a week ago I posted my first image of 2010, Alien Huntress. For anyone who is curious, here is how the idea came about. I won’t be going into any technical details about how the image was painted in Photoshop, for this image I thought it would be nice to just explore the thinking behind it.

This image was inspired by several things, the starting point was just a random thought about an image about a hardened, savage looking Sci-Fi based huntress. I wanted to keep the Huntress as low tech as possible. So the first thing was to ditch any guns or flashy Sci-Fi equipment, this is where the spear came from, it is the classic hunters weapon from the old school. This left me with a dilemma, how do I make the image look Sci-Fi without technology? The solution, create a huge freaky-ass alien creature and set it on an alien world, job done.

The sky is inspired by the sort of thing you will find in the background of any Frank Frazetta or Chris Foss painting, nice and colourful. The foreground of water, I have no clue what part of my brain I pulled that one from, it just seemed to fit, which was handy as I just couldn’t come up with anything for ages, then POP there it was. That leaves the Huntress and the alien, let’s start with the alien.

I’m not going to lie, the head is inspired by the alien creature from the movie Alien, I love the design H.R. Giger came up with for that film, it is really, really creepy; no eyes, big toothy mouth, brrrr. The fangs on each side of its head I came up with as I felt the alien needed the ability to grab-a-hold of things with its mouth should it need to, not that it does for this image.

Why a giant worm? That’s a good question, I think I went with the huge worm thing as it is more than a little creepy, if you’re not convinced, go into your garden, dig up a worm, pick it up in your hands and hold it up to your eye and picture it the size of the one in this image, and then picture it trying to eat you.

I wanted to add some wounds to the alien worm and I thought the head would be the best spot to do this as it is very predominant in the image, and there needed to be no doubt in the viewers mind that it was well and truly dead. The spear gave me the opportunity to add not only a few puncher wounds, but also a few deep gouges in its armoured head too.

To finish off I added some strange purple-red tiger stripes to give it a predatory feel and a bit of slime glooping from its mouth, what’s a good monster without any slime oozing from somewhere?

The next step was the Huntress herself; I’ll cover the inspiration behind her in my next post.


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