The Alien Huntress

My first piece of art for 2010, and not a bad one too, even if I do say-so myself.

Alien Huntress by ~SimonBreeze on deviantART

I’m not going to twitter on to much about this one now; I have just posted it to my online art gallery over at Deviant Art and thought I would be good to share. I will before the week is out pop up a longer post about how this one came together for those that are interested in the inspiration and technicalities of it all.

This image is also the first I am going to be selling too, so for those that may wish to own a nice high quality Giclee art print of this work, keep an eye out on my blog, facebook or twitter, and as soon as it is up for sale you can be sure I’ll be shouting about it (A man’s gotta’ eat you know ) and the buyer will not only have a nice piece of art from a very limited print run to stick on their wall, but also demonstrate the fab taste in Fantasy Sci-Fi art they have too.


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