Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening?

Outside the snow is glistening, woo-whoooo! SNOW!

Excuse my childish enthusiasm; it is rare we get snow, even out here on top of a hill in the sticks of Somerset. Even more so at this time of year, normally it’s a good dose of grey sky and icy cold rain for crimbo. For once though it is looking like it may just be a white Christmas, which is ace!

Not only that, last night was the first time my son Ben had seen snow, so bath time and milky was put on hold whilst mummy and daddy giggling like little kids wrapped him up nice and snug and thrust him into the icy cold. He loved every second of it until his little hands went almost blue!

Here are some pictures from my trip to work and Ben wondering out into the winter wonderland for the first time.


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