…And that’s How the Cookie Crumbles!

And so the festive season is upon us one more, and in tow comes all of the madness and fun. The company I work for embraces fun and has lined up a plethora of crimbo activities. One of which was to decorate a gingerbread man, which appealed to my artistic side, so I had to have a go. After struggling with a piping bag that seemed to ooze more icing over me than the targeted gingerbread man (or should that be person?) the job was done.

I went for a vampire at xmas look with mittens and cowboy boots (You need to apply a little imagination), did I win? No, I didn’t even hang around to see if the competition was even running. I scarpered with my ginger cookie to my office and stuffed it in my face right away; I was really hungry after all.


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