A Big Thank You

Three months ago I took my first real dive into self publishing with a short fan story set in the Doctor Who universe called The Edge of Forever. The story is a random idea I had for a short comic strip that I felt needed a little more than a comic to present it. I wanted to use illustrations and a mix of text, so I went about formulating the layout that used a good mix of the two.

The whole thing rapidly came together and after many late nights furiously typing and rendering away and it was finished in just two weeks, and I learnt a lot from those two fevered weeks I can tell you. The hardest thing to do was not just rendering a likeness of the tenth Doctor but picking the right font for the text. It sounds really bizarre, yet the right font makes the page look and feel professional, the wrong, just amateur and difficult to follow, there was no use of Times Roman here, which is a horrid font at the best of times.

As experiments go, I class this one as a success and am now working on my follow-up publication in the same vein, Between the Darkness and the Light. A lot longer one off story of my own complete fiction, boy is it hard work, yet also very rewarding too. Today is a milestone in myself publication as my Doctor Who short now boasts over 5000 views, might not sound like a lot, but then how many people can say that they have written a short story that has been read by over five thousand people and holds a five star rating? Not only that, I’ve not even really gone about promoting this story, people are just finding it and reading it, which I think is fantastic and I thank everyone of them.

If you are interested in having a look just click on the book below:

Myebook - Doctor Who and the Edge of Forever - click here to open my ebook

I must admit, my new book will not be ready for several months yet, maybe not even until June or July 2010, so I am tempted to put another few weeks aside and create another short story and see how it goes. If I do, I think I will try and promote it this time and see what, if any, difference it makes on readership.


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