The Wedding of Sarah Jane

WOW! Is all I can say after watching last nights Sarah Jane’s Adventures. Knowing the Doctor was due to make an appearance at some point in the show got me more than a little excited, especially after so little Doctor Who this year, I felt like I needed a fix. Oh-boy did I get one, and to make it even better I get the impression that tonight’s episode of SJA is going to have the Doctor in the forefront of the show heading up the team.

What a build up throughout the show, lets be honest we all suspected the Doctor would make a last minute appearance, however the faded Tardis noise desperately trying to break though the vortex into our world at key moments was a stroke of genius. The first time the eerie hum of the old blue box faded in it was played so subtly that it had me questioning fore a few seconds that I actually heard it. Then at the wedding at the end of the first of the two parts (the second to be shown tonight) the Tardis finally makes a break through and out bursts the Doctor right on queue as the registrar asks, ‘Does anyone here present know of any reason why these two people should not be wed?’ – Brilliant.

The episode has left me wanting more, and I can’t wait to get home from work tonight and watch this story play out to its conclusion. As I guess was planned from the start by the ever-so cunning Russell T Davies, the story has got me already for the hour long episode of Doctor Who, Waters of Mars, now confirmed to be aired on BBC One on November the 15th at 7.30pm.


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