Need for Speed

I’ve just uploaded the following image to my Deviant Art Gallery and my Sketch Book Gallery; it’s a speed painting of a Star Wars character called a Magna Guard.

Magna Guard Speed Paint by *Scruffy-Nerf-Herder on deviantART

I first came across Speed Painting when I worked for Games Workshop many moons ago. Back then it was used as competition, to see who could paint the best in a short period of time, and anyone who is involved in that hobby will understand why that is a coveted skill. In the ‘Art World’ I’m not sure of its place, I see a lot of people using it and not always for the right reasons, me? I just use it for fun and to see what new techniques I can develop and evolve. In fact I enjoyed the hour or so I spent on this image so much I’m working on another one tonight.


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